Typical White Girl Trying to live the Southern Dream.

So I guess you could say I am a “basic white girl” who feels she needs to share her story with the world – of other “basic white girls.”

I am in my early 20s and yet I feel like I’m in my mid 30s doing life wrong. Why is that? Well I graduated college, moved as far as I could get from the cold, oh and my dad (that’ll be for another post), and started a job I wasn’t even sure I’d like. People called my crazy moving thousands of miles from home to a place where I knew no one and would have to actually make friends again. Well I took a leap and jumped to a town called Covington, LA and nope not LA, Cali just the good old Louisiana. For a hot minute I had to look at the map to make sure I knew where I was headed! Yeah well here I go moving to Louisiana for the summer. My hopes were that I would first just absolutely crush it at my job, second I would make life long friends, and third fall deeply and madly in love with a southern cowboy. Only two of those came true… guess which ones?????

Well if you guessed the first and second came true you are right. The third well that’s why I am here to tell you all about my journey to find southern love – psh is that even a thing? Who knows I see it, but haven’t experienced it. So while adjusting to the south and being called the “YANKEE” I had to work hard to make friends. As a female making friends ain’t easy. I tried the apps they have out there called MeetUp, Bumble -bff, and a few others that were all just complete and total fails. Well one thing I did have going for me was my pup who no matter what had to love me, imagine that someone really loving me??

Weirdly my dog helped in me finding a crew. The girls and I would go out on the weekends and usually single girls start off with “I want to meet someone tonight, or let’s go somewhere with a lot of guys” yep not me I usually start off with “where are the shots?” or the occasional “I wanna make out with someone tonight even maybe get laid.” And your probably tilting your head thinking psh whore. It took a little bit of time for me to realize down here in the south, girls ladies don’t say things like that.

So the weekends got me no where… basically occasional hookup which would include me going home with someone and ending up in THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING LOUISIANA! This one time really gave me a wake up call when I rolled out of his bed walked out the front door and there was just LAND AND LAND AND LAND. I was stranded and so here I go this NY girl praying and UBER is near by. I got lucky!!! Even the UBER was like “girl what are you doing all the way out here” and my response was “not even sure where here is to be honest” So an hour and a half later when I arrived back at my place I needed to seriously evaluate my life choices.

I changed a little after that night… as in I only would go home with someone who was ONLY 20 mins away from my place. So the summer went on, my single life went on, my job really was the only thing going for me. Well the end of the summer neared and there I was being transferred to Memphis, TN.

All I knew about Memphis was the typical white girl stuff. I knew I was semi close to Nashville, I knew a lot of people get shot there and I knew some old singer name Elvis was born there. So why not though right. I loved good old Louisiana, but it was time for a change. I thought maybe that guy up there God is leading the way and has a plan for me.

Side note – I am trying to become religious through this whole chapter of my life. Next post “Wannabe religious chic”

Memphis here I come…. again hoping I first continue to kill it at my job, meet life long friends and fall deeply and madly in love. Well GUESS WHAT?? The first two have been rolling on and doing great. Now that third hope just keeps smacking me in the face. I’m not going to get into details, yet. Those stories need a separate post!

So currently my life here in Memphis is just a basic, single, city southern life. This blog is going to probably be one of the reasons I continue to have hope that by writing this shit down I can review and realize the mistakes I’m making. Maybe I’ll find that southern cowboy and I can change the name of my blog to “Taken in the South” ….. shit that doesn’t seem creepy at all so I’ll have to think about that one, but I def have a lot of time to do that.

Y’all (as they say here in the south) I hope this journey through blogging my “to independent” of a life brings you some laughter.

Now I should probably get back to working and stop stuffing my face with some weird Keto friendly diet food that someone told me would help me lose the “extra” weight. I’m starting to realize I like my “extra” weight psh bitches.

Xoxo To Independent

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