Waking up & realizing yes, I am still so single

Imagine laying in your bed past out, dead asleep and you suddenly wake up to a women screaming….

Yep that was me last night. Well when I say screaming it wasn’t a scared “someone help me” scream it was more of a “yes harder” scream. After lying there with my eyes wide open trying to figure out which neighbor of mine decided to have intense, loud, and I guess great sex in the middle of the night….i again remembered i was STILL SINGLE.

I then turned to my side and continued to cuddle my dog. I wonder what it is like to share a bed with someone, to be woken up in the middle of the night by a boner, or to be screaming from a source of good pain????

I kinda take that back I don’t really wanna know because I love my bed, I love having my bed to myself and I love sleeping – through the entire night.

Just another day that turned into just another night of me being so single

Xoxo To Independent

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