I will now explain why I am “Too Independent”

I realized I probably should have written this as my first post, but I was an excited new blogger and just rushed into it…like I tend to do with dating.

The reason I chose the username Too Independent is because I was called that one to many times. There was a specific encounter though that changed my views on being Too Independent and that was when a co worker of mine rudely interrupted a conversation I was having with a Friend co worker (someone needs to make a word for this). I was sharing the troubles I am having in the dating world. I was just about to start a new sentence when he decided to rudely interrupt and explain to me that the reason I am having such a hard time finding a guy I really like is because I AM TOO INDEPENDENT!!! Yep, TOO INDEPENDENT. I didn’t even know that was a thing….so my response to him was just a chaw dropping “WTF DOES THAT MEAN???”

He told me that I come off Too Independent which then leads a guy to feeling intimidated and turned off because he doesn’t like that he’s not able to feel that I need to be TAKEN CARE OF!!! Oh boo hoo poor guys feeling that they can’t take care of a women.

Ladies I am not making this story up. So ever since this conversation with my wonderful male co worker I did some thinking and came up with a few ways to react to this….

I could try the whole “I need a man to take care of me” personality, I could ignore him and pretend he doesn’t exist anymore, I could do some research and see if his statement holds true, and well I decided to say (in my head) GO FUCK YOURSELF 🙂

So moral of the story is that I come off TOO INDEPENDENT and I don’t want to change, I like being able to be single and stable, I like being able to support myself, I like being able to date who I want when I want and so I am going to continue on and doing me.

Guys out there who think a girl comes off “TOO INDEPENDENT” or too intimidating, psh you should find that as the hottest dam thing a girl can have because she’s making her way through life alone and she’s doing it in a friggen awesome way.


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