Sugga Daddy say WHAT??


First off, I need to address the definition of a Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddy: a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors

Please comment below your opinions and thoughts about Sugar Daddy’s. I am very curious to what some think about them and if they would be all in for a daddy.

I have a story for yall!!!! I will forever remember this weekend as the best, craziest, wildest, and most thrilling three days of my life. Kick back and get comfy cause this is a long one.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Why: Visiting a friend and attending a Saints game

I went into this weekend thinking – this will be a great weekend, I haven’t seen my bff in a while, its going to be such good weather, and psh hell I am going to be in NOLA! Well this weekend turned into a weekend of many FIRSTS. As soon as I pulled up to my friend’s house (we will call her April) she started to scream of excitement. As soon as she finished me giving the grand tour of her little cute apartment she told me she had big news… and that’s when the weekend flipped upside down for me.

“I have recently (as in the night before) started seeing a sugar daddy.”

My jaw dropped. My brain started thinking a million things, I didn’t make any movement. The first thing I did was legit google Sugar Daddy. The reason behind me googling was because I have heard the term before, I have watched porn that has those words in the title and all but I wanted to make sure I was thinking of the right thing…money and older man!!!

I was right. My bff was being paid to accompany this man. Now see this is where it gets a little tricky. She had this whole set up go on and concluded he was actually not the guy from the picture he used. He was more of a 25-year-old young, baby face looking guy. SO after she told me that he was 25 I felt a little better about this whole thing, she then went on to tell me what their “rules” are and what she will be expected to do for him.

– dinner one night a week

– go on vacations with him

– be completely exclusive

– enjoy his money

I am sitting there thinking – oh gosh my friend is giving BJs for friggen money. Nope she was not though. Turns out that this 25-year-old baby looking man (whom we will call Bryan) is a HUGE drug dealer in NOLA. Yep, April somehow landed a relationship with the #1 drug dealer worth like millions of dollars.  So she then tells me “oh yeah we got free tickets to the Saints Game tomorrow from him.” I mean I am not into the having a sugga daddy thing, but hey I mean I can live off Aprils perks Right???

Friday Night started off with a casual bar crawl, getting to know downtown NOLA a little better with just having some girl time.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that all of this money we were spending on booze and shopping was Bryans money. He gave April just a couple thousand for us to enjoy. The plan was that we were going to meet Bryan at his place. He lived in a high-rise expensive like has a doorman expensive apartment. So April tries calling Bryan and he is just not answering…. A few hours go by and April gets kind of worried that this dream of a relationship wasn’t working and he was ghosting her or something. NOPE NOT THE CASE… He was just in the hospital because he overdosed.

Okay so we decided fuck the sugga daddy we will make the best of our night. April says she knows the perfect place for us to go. I am about 4 tequila, soda, limes deep and when I look up at the doors that we are about to walk through I choke a little. Yep I was entering my first ever strip club. The thoughts running through my head where something like…

“Act cool you got this”

“Am I a lesbian if I look at the girls?”

“Holy shit how is she bending like that?”

“Psh I look like shit compared to these bitches how do I get a guy in here???”

Yeah so April walks right on up to the VIP section and I followed her. We sit down and get served a drink, which I didn’t even ask for. I was so drunk, but honestly felt stupid awkward sober at the same time, April starts hitting it off with this one guy. He goes to get her another drink and a girl comes over to us and says “Do you know who that is?” he ended up being a retired Saints player. PSHHHHHH Aprils taking full advantage of that! She winks at me and says I will call you in a little. 

Here I am a new member to the NOLA scene oh AND to the strip club scene, just sitting there in the VIP section not knowing what to even do with my hands. I chugged whatever the girl gave me and politely asked for another. I proceed to get more and more comfortable with myself being in the VIP section and became bffs with the stripers. I mean they were my girls!!!! I hadn’t heard from my friend so I continued on and walked the floor to see if I could find and cuties to hit on. 

I then found Bennett and his two friends. These boys looked about 20-24 years old so I was okay with it. I started up a convo with them and instantly connected with Bennett. Just the usual touchy feely flirty action. I told him to follow me. I then took his hand and walked him up to the VIP section.


Who the heck did I think I was like I did not have any reason to be in the VIP section!!!

Okay so then Bennett and I continue to have a few drinks (brought over by my girls) and we threw a few ones here and there. After about an hour of us fooling around we decided it was time to leave. Now side note… when I am drunk I tend to act like these random boys I sweep up are my boyfriends. Words like “Bebe” or “hun” will come spilling out of my mouth, which is so unfortunate. We then walked the streets of NOLA popping our heads in and out of bars. He asked me if I wanted to come back to his hotel. I obviously said YES! The true reason behind the quick yes was because I needed to horizontal ASAP. I needed my sleep!!

So ya know when a guy asks you to come back to his hotel I am thinking okay hopefully he doesn’t have roommates right now or whatever, don’t worry I didn’t have to worry about that because when we got off the elevator on the sixth floor he pulled me into the women’s bathroom. Before I could even question his moves, he had me pinned up against the wall kissing me like he was a dog. I will not share all the details that went on in that bathroom, but it ended shortly after the security guard of the hotel knocked down the door and told us we needed to leave immediately. He knocked the door down at the perfect timing though like when Bennett’s pants were at his ankles and my bra was flying off…. YOUR WELCOME FOR THE SHOW security guard! 

Well I finally got in an uber as the birds started chirping and decided it was time to go to bed. Oh yeah April had texted me saying “hope you are having fun I am” so I knew she was all good. I woke up at around 10 am the next morning to her screaming get ready we have to go tailgate soon. 

At that very moment, I wanted to not only throw up on her, but also slap her.  She proceeded to talk away and tell me about her night. As we were getting dressed she told me okay “Please be cool, we are going to my Sugga Daddys place and I don’t want to lose him because of a weird friend I have” yeah shes my bff still don’t worry I love her she’s just honest. Long story short he was still in the hospital. His mom called April and informed her that he was going to be okay, but wasn’t going to make it out today.  Yeah I am not lying her Sugar Dads mom called her.

The day continued on with more drunk, irresponsible decisions and I shortly had to just uber back to Aprils place to pass out grandma style.

There were many parts to this story that I could not share due to the Daddys rules, so I will leave it up to you to imagine, but one hell of a weekend. I have learned a few things….

1.       I have a future in running the VIP section in a strip club

2.       I like having a bff who has a sugar daddy and shares the love with me

3.       I am truly becoming old and need to realize that whole weekend was simply not ok  – but YOLO.


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