You WONT find love in a….

Alright listen up boys and girls….I really thought I could beat all the odds and find love in a hopeless place like a club. This club that my friends and I go to frequently and by frequently I mean its turned into every friggen weekend, is always POPPIN!! My friends and I just always go because we get in our heads that “oh this time it’ll be different” and we think it’ll be different because maybe there’s a certain band playing, or there is a sporting event going on nearby OR even because oh well its Friday and not Saturday so like that def makes a difference. Dumb bitches I know!

WE FINALLY came to our senses this weekend after going to this club, and coming very close to a brall with a bunch of girls because they were turning the bathroom lights off. That was not the only thing that really had us wake up. We were dancing with these guys and giving each other the “they are so hot we are so going home with them” look, totally feeling ourselves thinking the night is young!! Well in just a few short seconds reality hit when we asked so what are you all in town for? The response “BACHELOR PARTY!” and the reason we felt that we just got slapped in the face is because the bachelor was the last one out of all of them to get married. So yep all these married hot mother fuckers were taken and so not into us they were just drunk little shits. We immediately back off and continued to dance on our own. Before we know it, the clock strikes 3 am and we are being pushed out to the door since the place is closing! We then sat in the uber in silence, complete and total silence for 20 minutes because we did not want to come to conclusion that yet again we were going home ALONE.

What is the deal with girls thinking bars and clubs are totally the places you’ll FALL IN LOVE????? Please share your comments and advice because girls I am just lost and don’t know where to “find love.”



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